SecDim and AttackForge Collaboration

SecDim and AttackForge® have come together to announce their collaboration - to combine Pentest Management with Security and AppSec Learning - in a world first integration to combat the systemic issue of Resurfacing Vulnerabilities.

One of the most irritating and costly problems in penetration testing today is the same vulnerabilities getting reported time and time again, often due to gaps in knowledge and skills… By integrating AttackForge into SecDim – we can now link real vulnerabilities discovered during a penetration test to the relevant security learning exercises. This makes it possible for engineers to explore the vulnerability in a safe sandbox - to learn, build and verify that their security patch works” - Stanislav Filshtinskiy, Co-Founder of AttackForge.

“Penetration testing often results in recommendations to engineers on how to fix the vulnerability, and it stops there. The integration with SecDim goes further – taking that very same vulnerability and enabling the engineer from within AttackForge to deploy a private learning environment where they can experiment with the recommendations from the pentest. By understanding the root cause for vulnerabilities and verifying security patches sooner, organizations can reduce the exposure times for vulnerabilities. This reduces costs on failed retests and increases pooled knowledge for engineering teams to stop those vulnerabilities happening again” - Fil Filiposki, Co-Founder of AttackForge.

“Developers are natural problem solvers. However, security is rarely communicated to them as a software engineering problem. We cannot expect a developer to read through a vulnerability description and immediately understand how to fix it. With AttackForge integration, we present the vulnerabilities discovered in their recent pentests as a programming challenge. The challenge is presented to them in a sandbox, where they can explore the vulnerability, learn its root cause, experiment and build a robust security patch.” - Dr. Pedram Hayati, Founder of SecDim.

For more information see the Press Release

This integration is available now at AttackForge to try.