Testing submitted solution always fails on `securitytest` target

Exercise: “Start here.java”

After completing the exercise on my local workstation, and verifying that the make securitytest target passes, I committed and pushed my solution.
When I ran the tests by clicking the “Test” button, the securitytest target failed. I tried a slightly different solution with the same result.
I tried forcing the make test target to break by changing one of the tests, however this resulted in the same result (unit tests passed, security tests failed).

I note that the failure messages appear to be the same messages that appear when running the securitytest on a clean repository (no changes).

Are the security tests being run on the server a different set of tests to the ones run via make securitytest?

Let me know if I can provide any more specific information.

Hey @batesbrendan thanks for the feedback. Tests (unit, functionality, or security) are get overwritten on the server. So even if you introduce a failing unit test, it will be replaced.

I will investigate further if this issue is related to your latest code not being test.

We fixed a minor bug in the backend that was ignoring your latest code fixes. It should be fixed now. Please try again and if the issue persist, please give us a ping.

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Thanks! Will give it another try shortly

Can confirm that that fixed it :+1:

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