50% OFF End of Financial Year Deal

It is the End of Financial Year 2022 - 2023, to mark this occasion we are giving a 50% discount on our monthly subscription. No better time to start investing in secure programming, simply use the code: SECDIMEOFY2023 at checkout

A Subscription gets you:

  • Digitally Signed Badges (A badge challenge that upon completion can grant you badges to improve your CV)

  • Access to Professional Games (AWS, C# and Machine Learning etc.)

  • Access to Professional Challenges (Energy.py, No-Sutpo.js and Steam.java etc.)

  • Access to Professional Courses on our Learn Platform (Solidity, Kubernetes and Fuzzing)

  • Access to Solutions (Complete sample solutions to Challenges on Play, no points given)

  • Access to Private Hints (Special hints exclusive to subscribers for our Play Challenges)

  • Discussion Board Support (Focused support on our Discuss Platform)

Go get one now with a 50% off by using the code: SECDIMEOFY2023 at checkout

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