A Year in Review - 2023

As the year comes to a close, we at SecDim want to share a straightforward recap of our key releases in 2023. No fuss, no buzz.

Attack and Defence Challenge

This year, we introduced the Attack and Defence Challenges. It’s different from our usual fare – an Attack & Defence styled challenge where you patch your app to defend it against other players whilst you try and hack them in real-time.

World’s 1st AI Attack & Defence Game

Speaking of our Battle Game, we released an AI Challenge on Prompt Injection in an Attack & Defence game format at Hack.Sydney. It involved securing your own Chat GPT like LLM Chatbot against Prompt Injection Attacks by other players, and it was quite a hit.

Cloud Development Environment (CDE)
To make it easier to jump into coding without the fuss of setting up your space, we released the Cloud Development Environment which allows you to skip to coding with a press of a button. Simply start any challenge and click on the ‘Open in CDE’ button on the top right.

User profile

In one page, you can find your global ranking, score, awards, number of contributed challenges, proficiency and skill level compare with all other players. Head to https://id.secdim.com/<YOUR-USERNAME> to view your profile. Add a picture and update your details. Share your profile and celebrate your achievements with others.

Challenge Catalogue

Find a challenge by searching for a vulnerability, CWE or OWASP. Filter challenges based on language and technology stack. Browse Challenges is a new feature that you can use to find your desired vulnerability.

CWE & OWASP Mapping

To give more context to each challenge, we have started to map each challenge against CWE and OWASP. We also include the likelihood, impact, and severity of each challenge. You can view this information within each challenge description.

C, Ruby, GraphQL, OpenAPI, OpenAI
We’ve added new games for C, Ruby, Open API, Graph QL, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Frontend. Always something new to learn and master.

Community Challenges

Big thanks to everyone who contributed challenges through our Play SDK. Your submissions are proudly displayed along with your names as playable challenges in our catalogue be it Python, Go, or JavaScript.

Hosting Wargames at Top International Conferences
Believe it or not, our small team has been successful at taking our platform to the international scene and hosting wargames at FIRSTCON, DEF CON, BlackHat SecTor Canada, and Hack.lu. Top CTF teams used SecDim Wargame and all find our challenges fun, educational, and a pretty new format.

And finally, 7x7 Holiday Wargame is on. Seven weeks, loads of challenges and a fun attack and defence challenge. Should be fun. Don’t miss it!

:point_right: Give feedback and lets us know what you would like to see in 2024.

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