All Submissions stuck pending or on usability test

On File.go, and Opengraph.js all my commits to publish have been hanging on pending.

Dunno if this is a temporary error but I can’t submit :<

Edit: Nevermind! Just disabling auto-publish and then reloading and manually publishing fixes it.

Edit 2: Nevermind again, seems to still be either slow enough that I am hacked before publishing or something is wrong

Edit 3: all singleplayer and multiplayer .w., froze on Usability tests for File.go.hth

Let me have a look. There was issue with our cloud provider network connectivity in the past weeks. Network was congested and had long delay.

the networking issue seems to be resolved. please give it a try.

Still getting publish issues for File.go.hth but it seems to get past the usability tests but immediately fail on publish. It could be my code because I’m terrible at go but I think it wouldn’t pass usability otherwise.

Try publishing it again, it seemed to pass recently. Likely an issue with the network before.

Tried your code and it gives the following error:

2.887 # src                                                                                                                
2.887 ./app.go:34:14: undefined: filepath                                                                                  
2.887 ./app.go:34:27: undefined: path
2.887 ./app.go:35:6: undefined: strings

You might want to re-examine that bit of your code and try again

It seems it is my terrible Go :sweat_smile: