HOWTO add your SSH keys and troubleshoot

Adding a SSH public key to your SecDim ID will allow you to git clone using SSH. This is required for some labs and challenges. You can then git push to save your progress in SecDim remote repositories.

Add or Update a SSH key

To add or update your SSH key, click on the hamburger menu ( ☰ ) and select SecDim ID (or SecDim ID in Learn/Play menu). In the newly opened tab, login and then select SSH Key.

Paste your SSH public key and you are done.

Test SSH connection

To test, run ssh -T [email protected] or ssh -T [email protected] and you should be welcomed with your SecDim ID and the connection will be closed immediately.


  • Ensure that you generated your SSH key pair correctly and added the public SSH key to your SecDim ID.
  • Try to manually register your private SSH key by using ssh-agent.
  • Try to debug the connection by running ssh -T [email protected] or ssh -T [email protected].
  • If you get "Permission denied (publickey), see this guide.