Learn Secure File Location Handeling at SecGames 0x06

Incorrect handling a file path can result into security vulnerabilities. An adversary can exploit it to leak sensitive data from our system. In this hands-on session we will learn how to find and fix insecure file path handlers.

No presentation, no lecture. This is a hands-on session to upskill in secure programming.

We explore a vulnerable app to find and fix its vulnerability. The winner is the first person who fixes the vulnerability. The winner then shares her/his solution so we can all learn (or possibly find more bugs!).

We will explore these weaknesses:

CWE-35 and CWE-23


6:00-6:10 Welcome
6:10-6:30 Past challenge solution and discussion
6:30-7:00 Play the challenge of the month

May 23rd, 6pm AEST. 10am CET. Online or in-person.
RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/secgames/events/293436062/