Mismatching redirect URI Error preventing login

Hello Secdim team,

I am not sure if this is an incident isolated to me, but when I try to login to Secdim, I receive the following error:

Looking at the network traffic, there seems to be some issue with the CSP maybe.

I am logging in via the blue login button at the top right of the https://learn.secdim.com/ page an my ubuntu machine. I have tried doing the same on another computer, in private windows, and clearing my cache, but the problem persists.

Thanks @macbookloather for bringing this up. Recently we did a major upgrade to Learn and this was cause of this issue.

The issue is now resolved, please try again. If you still have problem, please let us know.

Hello Pedram,

Thank you so much for the fix, the issue has been solved.
Apologies for the ping on the weekend, really appreciate the support!

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