New Features! One line setup & AutoTest!

Hello Hackers,

We would like to unveil 2 new features added to SecDim Play!
One Line Setup AND Autotest!

One Line Set up:


Finding it annoying to go and set up Docker and make for your env? Want to skip straight to the fun and get hacking? Fret not! With the one line setup command, now present in the Start Here challenge description, you can run a setup that simply checks and installs the required dependencies for you so you are all set to go!

Auto Test:


As the name implies, Auto Test allows you to skip the need to manually press “Test” for each commit, and just simply push your commits to get them tested without the need to click! You can even stack up commits and they will be tested one at a time! Talk about convenient! Accelerate your games with the Auto-Test setting which is enabled by default and is carried on as a Global setting! If you want to avoid having your commits being automatically tested, you can simply turn it off and the setting will persist.

Do let us know your experience with these features, check back often for exciting new updates and ofcourse Let us know what other features you’d like!


Awesome! it save me heaps time not switching between windows.