Problem with pushing attempt

This is my first time trying so I followed the video instructions to the point of cloning the repository onto my device but since I don’t have make and docker, i decided to try it out directly in pycharm and then save and push my changes.
I used the webpage to run the test, found the problematic line, removed it, saved the file and made a commit. On my command prompt it was recognized that I made a deletion and i pushed the commit however when I tested this again, I got the same error on the same line which should’ve been deleted.

the error in question, i removed the self.assertContains(res, “[i] reboot is requried”) line

Hi @usama.mehmood.1240 and welcome to your journey in building secure apps.
Each challenge is like a typical python program, comes with a) program code and c) test suits. As we learnt in Start Here challenge the aim is to find the security bug in the program code and fix it. Tests are like a hint to point us to where the bug is. We also learnt from the same challenge (screenshot below), that we should not modify tests as they will not impact the challenge outcome. This is why when you change the tests, the output doesn’t change. Simply put, we cannot change the test to pass the challenge (otherwise it is not a challenge :wink: ).

Start here challenge has all the tests that you can find them locally, try to fix the program to pass those tests.

Thank you for your reply sir so if I’m getting this correctly, I should write something that should fix the error without making changes to the original code?

for Start Here challenge, try to fix and pass the tests: make build, make test, and make securitytest if passes locally, then you can push your changes and Test on the server.