Running out of attempts

I have a paid subscription and have been playing a lot of SecDim. I now have this banner at the top of every page:
You have 2 challenge attempts left. Please upgrade your subscription plan

I don’t know yet if this is a daily cap (since it has just started) or if there’s a soft cap on all accounts, but I am not going to do any more challenges until I get clarification as I would like to use those attempts on Mid Year 2023 Competition.

Looking at your number attempts for this month, it has been over 100 and you have also used all other free allowance. That’s why you see the warning. As a subscriber, your attempt cap will be reset every month.

As one of our valued players and top in the hall of fame, we are happy to credit your account with additional attempts so you don’t lose a chance for this month Mid Year 2023 Competition.

Great work @Kabir :clap:

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