UI Request: A completion percentage per category on the singleplayer page

Hey again, sorry for more requests :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering if a little completion percentage could exist on the Singleplayer play page? I like seeing all the things being ticked off once I beat them and I’d love a little trophy when I beat a full category.

Thank you again

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Hey Seal,

No problem. Keep em coming haha.

Hm… Do you have any specific design in mind?

For finishing all possible challenges in a Game, there is this:

However from your description of Completion Percentage, I’m seeing more of something like this?

Where it is showing the percentage completion of the Game


With a 100% turning it green accompanied by the Trophy.

Would love your thoughts on what design you had in mind and where you’d like to see this.

This is bang on what I was thinking, I’d love to see it exactly how you have shown on all single-player categories.


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