Unparser.py Hint

i did so much check but now i stucked about ip checking. i have no idea now… please give me hint last 2 try…

Hey Yaupunal,

From my understanding the: 'X-Forwarded-For:' header is to simulate the origin IP address of the request. Since we are running challenges locally it is hard to replicate requests originating from external sources.

A hint would be to check out what packages are available in the Python standard library for IP addresses. Would then look about identifying the version of IP (v4/v6) before proceeding to use the package you identified to parse the address. Before checking what range the supplied IP belongs too.

Super hint: Read the docs on the library (you find) and see what methods are available to identify the various IP families / reserved ranges.

PS: If you run out of attempts, the friendly team at SecDim will be able to assist with that.

(Happy to delete if I have given too much away!)

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Actually i used ipadress lib. and i checked ipv4 and ipv6 :slight_smile: but i should search more than more… thanx for all