What's new? Feburary 2024

New Workshop :teacher:

A brand new workshop called Find, Hack and Fix that covers the full spectrum of handling a modern security vulnerability, from identification, exploitation to remediation. All hands on.

Dates for 2024 public workshops have been announced
Free trial available.
See https://secdim.com/workshop for more info.

New Challenges :video_game:

C and IoT challenges: explore a wide range of classic vulnerabilities in C/C++, IoT apps and embedded devices.


Keep Discounts For Ever
:gift: Thatโ€™s right. You can keep your subscription discounts forever, as long as you remain subscribed.

Stronger SSH keys
SSH settings page in your user profile has been updated with recommended instruction on how to add strong SSH keys to your account so you can clone challenges locally.

Subscription FAQ
Added a number of frequently asked questions under the subscription plans. This include how you can upgrade your plan or find your tax invoices.

Trial for First Win
:tada: Special trial offer of our professional plan when you win your first challenge. This is a limited time offer and can only be applied when you win your first challenge.

Attack & Defence Notifications
:mega: If you have joined an attack and defence challenge, you will receive notification if a player joined the battle or a player hacked your app. These notification will be sent to your Discuss Inbox.

Score Merge
Previously, it was possible to get a challenge score twice, if it was part of two different game. This has now been fixed. Only one score will be added to the players total score.

Weekly Reminder
You only a get a single weekly reminder if you have not attempted any challenge in a week.

Did you know that you can change your profile picture?

Login to ID and head to your profile, https://id.secdim.com/YOUR-USERNAME, click on the Edit icon next to the profile picture.

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