What's new? May 2024

New Challenges :video_game:

  • Class Pollution in Python: A new vulnerability exploring a Python specific security issue. This vulnerability is inspired from JavaScript’s Parameter Pollution.
  • Randomness (multiple languages): While there are libraries to generate random numbers, not all of them are suitable for security. This challenge will explore this weakness and ways to address it.


  • Tutorial Guide: A quick how-to guide that overlays over the challenge. It gives short information about how to run, test and debug challenge. How to push to test your patches and get score.
  • Reset Your Repo: If you want to reset the history of your challenge repository, you can now select it when you start a challenge.
  • Create Your Own Game: You can now create a custom game with your favorite challenge and see how other players tackle them! If your game become a hit, you will get a bonus score. To create a game go to top right menu and click “Create”.
  • Fuzzy search: Simply type a few keyword of a vulnerability and the Browse challenge feature will show you all relevant challenges to that vulnerability.
  • Profile widget: use https://id.secdim.com/id/account/user/<username>/widget.svg to get an image of your profile and embed it in your social profile to celebrate your achievements on SecDim.