Holiday Wargame 2023

Happy Holidays Folks,

This year our 7x7 Programming Game is coming back as the Holiday Wargame!

As our highlight event of the year, all the exciting new stuff can be found here. So be sure to go and give it a try to see fresh challenges.

The first batch of challenges has been released, with the 2nd batch coming in around early 2024.

Go ahead and get started, be sure to grab the Participant Badge which you get for finishing the Introduction challenge.

Oh, and lest we forget. There will be prizes!, as mentioned on the dedicated event page:

1st Place: 3 months Pro Subscription
2nd Place: 1 month Pro Subscription
3rd Place: 50% off on a 1 month Pro Subscription

All 3 winners will get Swag prizes.

Furthermore, we are making the Game Unrestricted for a Limited Time. This means all pro features such as access to the Cloud Development Environment (CDE), Premium Hints and Source Code Access for the Battle Game will all be available for free for the Holiday Wargame. Go and try it now!

Happy Patching!

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