SecDim September 2023 Preview

Hello everyone,

This month we’ve got some exciting things planned.

Live AppSec CTF Competition with Absolute AppSec - September 14th

We will be collaborating with the popular US based Absolute AppSec Podcast for a live AppSec Capture The Flag (CTF) competition.

“The podcast for kids who can’t appsec good and want to learn how to do other stuff good, too.” - Absolute AppSec

We will be joined by industry veterans Seth Law and Ken Johnson, the Absolute AppSec podcast is known for its informal discussions on application security. It offers rich insights, biases, and recommendations from a rotating cast of experts in the field.

The event will be livestreamed and you can join live. You will get the chance to challenge yourself and take your AppSec skills to the next level against your peers.

Check it out, RSVP here


Cloud Sandbox Environment

Got problems setting up your own IDE? Our new Cloud Sandbox Environment aims to alleviate the often cumbersome process of environment setup.

Similar to a code spaces, this Cloud IDE automatically sets up your workspace so you can skip the wait and get straight to hacking and coding.

Go and try it at SecDim Play

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Vulnerability Sandbox

Security is an ever evolving field of continual learning, and our Vulnerability Sandbox is built with this philosophy in mind.

We reproduce the vulnerability in our Sandbox with an application that you can experiment on. A practical tool for you to deepen your understanding of vulnerabilities and experiment with exploiting and patching it.

We are currently working on this one, so check back with us soon for more updates!

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Attack & Defense Multiplayer Game Mode

Many of you have already tried it, but to simplify its discovery: The Multiplayer mode is now present on SecDim Play. Making it easier to find Battle Challenges where you can engage in AppSec Wargaming against your peers.


Secure Programming Challenges in More Languages

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Lastly, we are working on releasing more challenges for Play notably the Singleplayer ones.

We recently released new Challenges for TypeScript, JavaScript, Go and Java. We are also working on releasing challenges for Ruby as well as GraphQL.

We have more challenges on the way, so keep checking!

That concludes our monthly preview, stay tuned for more announcements and releases from us in this month.